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That's the most common question we get from our clients. We can find a wide variety of foreign material contaminants in products of all kinds. We just need a little more information from you.

Yes we can find your foreign material!

Contact us today to get started clearing your on-hold product.

FlexXray can find and extract various foreign material contaminants down to 0.8mm and smaller, helping you save thousands of dollars on your on-hold product.

FlexXray is the most trusted and accurate third-party inspection service in North America. We find, retrieve and report on foreign contaminants down to 0.8mm and smaller including these:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Stones
  • Bone
  • Rubber
  • Gasket Material
  • Metal
  • Product Clumps
  • Container Defects
  • Wood
  • Missing Components
  • And more!

We’ll help you get the data you need to make confident decisions about your on-hold product.