Contamination Prevention and Control Across Industries


Government standards regarding pharmaceuticals are increasingly stringent, so you want to make sure that every product is inspected before it gets into the hands of a consumer. Using FlexXray’s medical-grade technology, we can inspect everything from pharmaceutical capsules to liquid medication — and ensure it makes the grade.

  • Pharmaceutical capsules
  • Liquid medications
  • Plastic containers of product
  • Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements


Keep your customers safe by ensuring that every personal care product you release is carefully inspected for contamination. Whether in cans or jars, glass or plastic bottles, a plastic container or foil pouch, we can find metallic and non-metallic contaminants before they reach the shelves.


Our X-ray technology goes beyond standard machine vision cameras, allowing you to discover small product defects. We can also perform a range of quality checks that include identifying missing or broken products, crack detection, leak detection, weld inspection, seal integrity — and much more.

Let FlexXray add value to your business by helping you avoid contamination and protecting your most valuable asset: your customers.


“FlexXray continues to make improvements, they consistently perform well, and they always exceed my expectations.”
— Quality Assurance Division Manager in Consumer Goods

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No matter the shape or size of your foreign material, FlexXray can find it. Contact us today to schedule a sample test.