Raw Ingredients

Raw Ingredient Inspection and Recovery Solutions

Eliminating Raw Ingredient Food Foreign Contamination

Safe foods begin with safe ingredients. In many cases, physical contaminants originate from the raw materials supplier, so being able to detect these hazards before they make it into your product is the most cost-effective way to eliminate foreign material contamination. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your raw materials are clean and ready for production is through third-party inspection. At FlexXray, we are the most trusted and accurate third-party inspection service in North America. With multiple locations across the country, we can serve you no matter your location. Our advanced technology can detect physical contaminants and our retrieval process can eliminate contaminants that have the potential to lead to product loss, downtime, costly lawsuits and recalls.

“I would definitely recommend FlexXray to any other division of the company that needed a batch of food inspected, especially for metal or other small debris.”

– Quality Assurance Division Manager at a Raw Ingredients facility

The Best Foreign Material Contamination Solution in the Industry

With our advanced, medical-grade machines and USDA- and FDA-certified facilities, we can detect foreign contaminants of all different materials down to 0.8 mm and smaller, finding what inline detection machines aren’t calibrated to find. Our advanced inspection solutions keep you on schedule and budget.

Among the raw materials we inspect include the following:

  • Bulk-produced items
  • Bulk protein powders (whey, pea, dairy, etc.)
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Oats
  • Groats
  • Corn Meal
  • Fillers, Additives, Flavorings, Etc. 

You can rely on FlexXray’s leading medical-grade technology to find foreign particles like metal, rubber, bone, plastic, stone and more. With FlexXray, you can ensure that your product is safe for the shelves and feel confident in your on-hold product decisions.

Small foreign particles can lead to big problems. Because your reputation is on the line, let FlexXray be your first line of defense against raw material contamination.

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