for X-ray Foreign Material Inspection?

At FlexXray, we offer the most cost-efficient solution to resolve your on-hold product: custom third-party inspection. We combine the power and precision of the human eye, the talent of a skilled and detailed team, slower inspection speeds (our conveyor belts push product at 3 to 4 ft. per minute in order to harness more detection power and attention to detail to spot even the smallest particle), and custom-built medical-grade x-ray technology designed to deliver the best inspection results on products and foreign materials of all types.

Think foreign material contaminants can get past us? Think again.

We’re fast. If you suspect or know you have a foreign material contamination issue, we can help today. We inspect full truckloads in as little as 3-4 hours.

We’re cost-effective. Our fees typically amount to a small portion of your production costs. We salvage product and profits for thousands of customer facilities.

We can handle any size project.
We have more than 28 inspection lines operating 24 hours per day.

Our process is easy: you send your product to us, and we’ll inspect it. We’ll also trace everything throughout the process including pallet, batch/lot codes and temperature. YOU SEND IT, WE INSPECT IT.

We can detect what inline equipment can’t, including metal, glass particles, stones, bone, rubber, plastic, gasket material, product clumps, container defects, wood and missing components down to 0.2mm or smaller. WE FIND FOREIGN MATERIAL DOWN TO 0.2 MM

Our skilled technicians can physically pinpoint and extract foreign material contaminants and catalogue them on physical reports. These detailed reports give you the information you need to support your internal investigation data and to help you make the final disposition of the product. PUT A STOP TO FOREIGN MATERIAL CONTAMINATION

We’re near you. FlexXray is located throughout the continental United States to conveniently serve clients across North America. We also offer mobile inspections and X-ray rentals. WE HAVE 4 FACILITIES IN TEXAS, ILLINOIS, SOUTH CAROLINA & CONNECTICUT

Our customers trust us as partners in protecting their confidentiality and brand reputations. If you use our services, our process is entirely confidential. WE VALUE YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY AND TRUST.

We have advanced state-of-the-art medical-grade x-ray inspection machines that are capable of detecting all types of foreign materials and product defects. WE HAVE STATE-OF-THE-ART MEDICAL-GRADE CUSTOM X-RAY TECHNOLOGY

We’re on the front lines of protecting the environment in the food manufacturing industry. 40% of food in the U.S. ends up in landfills—we’re working to bring that number down for our food processing partners and beyond. WE SAVE MORE THAN 100 MILLION LBS OF FOOD PER YEAR AND GROWING.

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