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  • We’re the most accurate third-party inspection service in North America.
  • We accomplish what inline detection equipment isn’t designed or calibrated to do.
  • We find and extract metal, plastic, glass, stones, bone, rubber, gasket material, product clumps, container defects, wood and missing components down to 0.2mm or smaller.

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  • You send it to one of our facilities across the United States.
  • We inspect it quickly and cost-effectively.
  • The product is ready to be picked up or sent to the next stop in the distribution pipeline with the utmost confidence.


  • We’ve saved companies millions of dollars and millions pounds of product over our history.
  • We work with brands big enough that we're not legally allowed to name names.


Outstanding performance from you all on this entire event with class, professionalism, speed and great customer service.

Director of Quality (Madisonville, LA)

Our relationship with FlexXray is like none other in the industry! Superior customer service and turnaround times. Great company to do business with.

VP Food Safety, Quality, and Regulatory (Minnesota)

Thanks for the service you provided. The expertise and professionalism was incredible and I will certainly recommend Flexxray for any application that may arise. Thanks for the hospitality and the prompt, professional service provided. I will spread the word to any colleagues that may need your service.

President Quality Assurance (Ohio)

I would rate FlexXray a ten without question. They are a great company with great service and technology.

Senior Production Manager