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Let FlexXray Inspect Your Product

The FlexXray team performs more than 2,500 inspections per year. Last year, we inspected more than 100 million pounds of food. We control test our inspectors every hour, we adjust our in-house equipment on an ongoing basis, and we have locations throughout the United States to minimize your product's travel time to our facility. Our facilities run multiple inspection lines with dual-camera x-ray systems, which enables us to be fast and accurate. We also provide a full and detailed contaminant report for every client.

Get the expertise you need and resolve your on-hold product.

We can't say this enough: foreign material contamination inspections are all we do.


Inspect Product At Your Plant

Our rental equipment can find metal, glass, plastic, stone, bone, rubber, gasket material, product clumps, container defects, wood, missing components and more. Our rental x-ray inspection machines are single-camera systems that run at 3 to 5 feet per minute for inspection. These are not inline inspection machines, they are standalone machines not made for washdown environments.

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Get the equipment you need and resolve your on-hold product.

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