A Long History of Successful Inspection and Growth

FlexXray has been protecting the food industry since 2001 when founder Don Forrest built the company’s first food product inspection system. After his initial customer — a bakery — needed help locating a bolt that had gone missing in some pies, Forrest launched the company’s reputation for speed, accuracy and innovation.

A few things have changed since then, yet the company’s commitment to responsiveness and accuracy remains the same.

Today, FlexXray is the leading X-ray inspection and recovery service for the food industry. Operations have expanded from that first X-ray food inspection machine to a 60,000-square-foot, temperature-controlled facility in Arlington, Texas, with additional locations in New Jersey, Illinois and South Carolina.

As a USDA- and FDA-registered inspection service, FlexXray has the solutions food processors and manufacturers need to keep your product — and your customers — safe.

Rapid Turnaround for Your Product

Because of a singular focus on inspection and recovery, FlexXray can offer a quick response to your foreign material problem. Our large capacity means that turning your product quickly is the standard, not the exception. FlexXray can even inspect a full truckload of product in as little as three to four hours while the driver waits.

This specialized in-and-out service means that you’ll stay on schedule while ensuring that your product meets all the necessary safety standards.   

Superior Technology and Detection Capabilities

FlexXray’s advanced, medical-grade X-ray systems can detect metal, glass particles, stone, bone, plastic, rubber gasket material, product clumps, container defects, wood and missing components 0.8 mm and smaller. This state-of-the-art equipment exceeds standards for food inspection machines found in food production plants.

Our detailed traceability means that you can track the origin of physical contaminants, allowing you to make claims against vendors and prevent the contamination from occurring again.

Inspection and Recovery Solutions for Your Industry

FlexXray serves some of the largest food companies in North America. In addition to food product inspection at a USDA- and FDA-registered facility, FlexXray also offers:

Refrigerated and Frozen Food Options

Unlike other third-party solutions, FlexXray can handle your frozen product, thanks to our temperature-controlled warehouse and refrigerated storage space. This minimizes the amount of time your product spends out of a temperature-controlled environment.

In fact, about 70% of products inspected by FlexXray are frozen or chilled, and, for large orders, your product can even be divided to ensure its integrity is never compromised.

Multiple Locations, Multiple Options

FlexXray’s many solutions mean that you can choose the most convenient one for you. In addition to having locations in Texas, Illinois and New Jersey, FlexXray provides a rental option that brings these top-of-the-line inspection capabilities directly to your production facility.

With so many options, keeping your food product safe has never been simpler or more efficient.

A Mission of Continued Success

As part of its continued attention to excellence, in early 2018 FlexXray acquired Total Quality Corp., a top provider of inspections for food companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2019, FlexXray acquired another leading inspection provider, Accu-ray Inspection Services, Inc.

With the acquisition of Total Quality Corp. and Acc-ray Inspection Services, FlexXray has expanded operations to provide mobile product inspection that meets the company’s same standards of excellence. FlexXray can inspect products on the line, which helps save companies from costly food production errors and recalls. FlexXray also provides metal detector equipment to suit your short- or long-term metal detector needs.

The merger adds to FlexXray’s long history of successful inspection and customer growth, with several hundred customers benefiting from the advanced technology, industry experience and complete dedication to ensuring the safest products possible.

From small companies to major food producers, FlexXray’s approach and purpose remain the same: To provide reliable, state-of-the-art X-ray food inspection that will find issues before products go to market — and save clients millions of dollars every year.