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Learn how food becomes contaminated and what methods can be used to eliminate the risk of distributing contaminated food.

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Become a Food Waste Champion and learn how your company can reduce waste with this free infographic.

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With X-ray inspection, manufacturers and producers can have greater confidence in the safety and quality of their products.

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X-ray food inspection helps protect your brand and your bottom line — and this guide will show you how.

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Learn how X-ray inspection technology can help resolve problems with foreign material in food.

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Avoid this growing problem by learning how to protect yourself from some of the common mistakes that lead to recalls with our free e-book.

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Who Is FlexXray? Foreign Material Contamination Detection for Food Companies (2019)

Food Inspection Services – FlexXray (2018)

Food Inspection & Recovery Services – FlexXray (2018)

Food Inspection – Get To Know FlexXray (2018)


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Keep your food and your reputation safe with “The Complete Guide to X-ray Food Inspection.”