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X-ray Food Inspection Services

X-ray Inspection Services for Food Companies

If there’s a foreign contaminant in your product, FlexXray can find it. Our medical-grade X-ray food inspection services can detect these items at 0.8 mm or smaller:

  • Metal
  • Glass 
  • Bone
  • Stone and/or concrete 
  • Rubber and gasket material 
  • Plastic
  • Hard wood
  • Product clumps
  • Container defects and missing components

While we’ve built our reputation in the food safety and inspection world, that’s only part of what we do. 

FlexXray has the capability to find defects and contaminants in products for a variety of other industries. Among the industries we serve are: 

  • Cosmetics (lotions, lip balms, toothpaste, deodorant and more)
  • Pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals (plastic containers, pharmaceutical capsules, etc.) 
  • Animal and pet products (bagged and canned pet food, treats and bulk animal feed)
  • Consumer goods (over-the-counter medications, hair products, baby food, etc.)
  • Automotive (components, wiring, gaskets, etc.)
  • Industrial (crack and leak detection, weld inspection, seal integrity)

In a nutshell, if it has a foreign contaminant or product defect, FlexXray can find it. 

X-ray Food Inspection Process

Throughout the entire foreign material inspection process, we maintain product traceability so you know the specific pallet, batch/lot numbers, and bag/container times in which we find the contaminant. 

Our in-depth reporting covers everything down to the smallest details, including machine time and opening and closing delta temperatures.

We provide the inspection report of our findings back to you within hours of completing the inspection. 

As an additional service, we can perform a secondary contaminant retrieval inspection in which we physically pinpoint and remove the contamination. This more comprehensive report is then sent to you within 24 to 48 hours of the initial inspection.

Our X-ray and Metal Detection Equipment

FlexXray’s Custom Cabinet X-ray inspection machines detect foreign particles down to 0.8mm — and even smaller, in some cases. This means that our custom equipment can find materials that your inline inspection machines can easily miss. 

In certain cases where you can’t ship your product to us, we can provide X-ray rental machines so you can perform the same kind of custom X-ray inspection that FlexXray specializes in at your own facility. We provide a trained technician to help set up the equipment and provide training for your staff before leaving the inspection to you. 

FlexXray now also offers Fortress Metal Detector rentals. From ultra-sensitive conveyor metal detectors to larger case systems to bulk gravity detectors, we have a solution for your specific inspection needs.  

Additional Food Safety Services

Protecting food from contaminants is a key part of what FlexXray offers, but our equipment’s capabilities allow us to do much, much more to keep your food safe. 

Among the other food safety services we provide are: 

Can and jar dud detection

Whether it’s swells in your containers or jars that aren’t sealed, you can’t risk releasing unsafe product. Let us uncover what might have been missed on your inline system — so your customers don’t!

X-ray machine rentals

If you need to do X-ray inspections on-site, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need it for a week or for a month, we can have our X-ray machines delivered to your location and train your staff on the equipment. 

Metal detector rentals

When you specifically need metal detection services, we have metal detector rental machines ready and available.   

Contaminant retrieval

By performing this secondary inspection service we pinpoint the contaminant, dissect the product, remove the foreign material and document the findings in a comprehensive report maintaining full traceability to the pallet, batch/lot and bag/container time. 


With hundreds of thousands of square feet in warehouses across the country, FlexXray can accommodate everything from ambient temperature control to frozen foods. 

Product re-bundling

In some cases, we have to open shrink-wrapped cases during the inspection process in order to have the most sensitive capabilities. When that happens, we have the capacity and machinery to repackage the good product so that it is ready for distribution. 

Why FlexXray?

FlexXray is the food industry’s leader in finding and eliminating foreign material concerns. Over the years, we’ve streamlined our processes and created a system that is as seamless and painless as possible for our customers. In fact, we believe our three-step process is about as easy as it gets.

But don’t just take our word for it; let us show you what we can do. If you’d like to learn more about the FlexXray process and how it can benefit you, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or, if there’s a question you don’t see, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer it. 

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