Meat and Poultry

In 2017, nearly one million pounds of beef and more than nine million pounds of poultry were recalled. Meat contamination is a growing problem that can create more than just headaches for manufacturers; it puts your company’s reputation on the line and can cost millions.

Processed Foods

Since metal is the most common contaminant found in processed food, the use of metal detectors in food processing can help keep foreign bodies from making it to the consumer. X-ray inspection systems ensure that nothing goes into the package that doesn’t belong there.

Canned and Bottled Goods

Any time you have cans and bottles on the production line, you’re at risk for contamination problems. In fact, most manufacturers will encounter some sort of issue with cans or bottles at some point in time.


With more products on the market, consumers have more choices, which can mean both smaller profitability and greater competition for your company. The bottom line is that you simply can’t afford to let beverage contamination ruin your reputation and your bottom line.


The dairy market continues to grow, and today’s consumers have an increasing number of choices. This presents both opportunities and challenges for dairy food producers, who face shrinking margins and increased competition. The last thing you can afford is a recall due to contamination.

Raw Materials

We can inspect your raw materials for contamination, and prevent costly lawsuits and recalls. FlexXray’s leading medical-grade technology can find and eliminate foreign particles like rubber, bone, plastic, metal, stone and more — 0.8mm or smaller.

Pet and Animal Products

Food safety for pets and animals has become a growing cause of concern in the industry. Today’s consumers are more informed — and more concerned — about what goes into their pet’s food, and FlexXray can make sure that your animal food product is free from contamination.

Additional Industries

While eliminating food contamination and increasing food safety has been our bread and butter, our advanced X-ray technology can do so much more. Some of the other industries we serve are consumer goods, wines and spirits, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and automotive.

Keep your food and your reputation safe with “The Complete Guide to X-ray Food Inspection.”