Foreign Material Detection Process

How We Find Foreign Materials in Food

When it comes to resolving issues with your food product, no one can do it as quickly or efficiently as FlexXray. In fact, over the years FlexXray has streamlined the process for finding foreign materials such as metal in food, making it as painless as possible for our clients.

With reliable detector technology that can help minimize risks and reduce waste, there’s a reason FlexXray has become the most trusted name in food inspection and recovery.

Our Process

FlexXray’s simple three-step process is designed to resolve your issues quickly and keep your distribution on schedule.

You send it!

  • You determine that there may be a foreign contaminant problem
  • Call FlexXray and discuss next steps with a knowledgeable expert
  • Decide if you need to run a sample
  • FlexXray provides you with the paperwork you need to document your plan

We inspect it!

  • Ship the food in question to FlexXray
  • FlexXray takes the appropriate action based on your service plan
  • FlexXray completes the inspection on or ahead of schedule
  • FlexXray repalletizes your product and returns it to you

Your product is on its way!

  • You receive the clean product and distribute it as planned
  • FlexXray completes the project on or ahead of schedule and closes the project out

The Cost-Efficient Solution to Foreign Material Issues

No one enjoys having to go through the process of resolving food production issues. The FlexXray Foreign Material Detection Process is the best way to turn a potentially costly experience into one that saves you time, money and headaches.