Flexible Solutions for Food Safety

We’re known as the leading provider of third-party X-ray inspection and recovery services for food and beverage manufacturers in the United States, but that’s not all we do. Our flexible services are uniquely designed to meet the various needs of manufacturing plants quickly and easily, saving our customers valuable time and product while also reducing landfill waste and providing millions of dollars in ROI per year. 

Your labor force is trained and tasked to do one job, and do it well: produce food. That’s why we exist—to provide food and beverage manufacturers throughout the United States with solutions when issues arise that your workforce isn’t trained to solve. Our business is built around offering flexible solutions when you need technology, labor or time to resolve any of the many issues that arise in the normal course of food and beverage manufacture.

The dud detection process is sufficient during your normal operations; but, whathappens if you need to reinspect stored product, or if you detect an issue during production and have to reinspect what is already packaged?Re-opening every case and re-running product through your line to then repackage it are potentially costly options. Instead, consider FlexXray.

We have the resources and equipment necessary to inspect product in bulk, saving you the time and expense of reopening and repackaging product.Our multi-head units allow for multiple cans to be inspected simultaneously, often in the original packaging trays. Whether you need internal pressure detection, visual inspection or packaging validation, we can ensure your product is processed quickly and efficiently for shipment to its final destination.

Have you ever needed to repackage or rebundle your product for shipment and distribution? In the face of production quotas and consumer demand, you may not have the additional labor necessary to spend time and money packaging or re-packaging your product. FlexXray can provide the off-line manual labor you need to make sure your product is properly repackaged, labeled and rebundled for the journey to its final destination. We can: 

  • Re-code, re-pack, re-label or re-sort
  • Build variety packs
  • Shrink bundle
  • Verify labels, code dates and package integrity

Our services are done by hand, tailored to your unique needs and specifications every time, and can be combined with any other FlexXray service as needed. When your product is in our hands, you can rest assured that it will be handled to your exact specifications.

If you have product taking up square footage you didn’t bargain for—whether it’s due to a foreign material contamination issue, a concern with product defects or any other production error—FlexXray can help. With more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space at our facilities across the country, we’re able to ensure on-hold product doesn’t collect dust in your facility, short- or long-term. Our facilities are kept at ambient temperatures; if your product is refrigerated or frozen, we can store it in refrigerated trucks at your request. No matter your needs, you can trust FlexXray to safely store your product to your specifications.

There are times when shipping product to a vendor for third-party inspection is not an option—it needs to instead be inspected at the facility. When you know the foreign material you’re looking for and have both the labor and time to self-inspect, FlexXray can provide the technology. Our advanced, mobile, single-camera X-ray inspection systems are available to rent by the hour, week, month or more. We will deliver an off-line machine to your facility and provide the unit training necessary to get your team up and running quickly with your own custom inspection.

  • Step 1: We will deliver a single-camera stand-alone inspection machine from our facility to yours and set up the rental equipment at the location of your choice.
  • Step 2: A trained FlexXray technician will go through onsite training and safety measures to ensure your staff knows how to correctly operate the equipment. Our technician will leave the process, controls and parameters of the inspection to your team.
  • Step 3: You inspect and resolve your on-hold product at your plant.

With FlexXray’s rental equipment, you can rest assured that you have the tools it takes to discover hidden foreign material contamination at plant level.

Manufacturers, if sending a top-notch product to market is your goal, quality control must fuel your operation. You have critical control points woven throughout your HACCP plan, but if your QA measures end there, you might miss something. FlexXray is always available with flexible solutions that meet your needs every time. Contact our team today!

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