VIDEO: FlexXray Can Find It


When today’s consumers buy your food, they’re not just giving you their business, they’re putting their trust in your company. Your customers believe in an unspoken promise that the food they’re buying and consuming is safe for them and safe for their families. And most of the time, it is. But what happens if that trust is broken? 

When it comes to keeping your food and your customers safe, FlexXray is here to help. Manufacturers keep America fed with technology that operates at an astonishing speed, and while the U.S. has one of the safest food supplies in the world, mistakes still happen. Contamination from foreign materials can happen to even the most safety-conscious companies, and when that happens, you need solutions, fast. Anytime that metal, glass, plastic or other contaminants end up in your product and are shipped to retailers, you’re not just putting your customers at risk, you’re putting your company on the line. Contamination from foreign materials breaks consumer trust, and that can mean costly lawsuits, recalls and loss of consumer confidence. To prevent these risks, manufacturers end up sending their possibly contaminated product to landfills, which results in millions of tons of food waste every year. So how do you eliminate waste while protecting your reputation and American consumers?

That’s where we come in. FlexXray has the capacity to inspect more product in a single day than any other X-ray inspection company, and we can do it faster and more efficiently than in-line machines. Our expert line technicians and custom X-ray technology can detect metal, glass particles, stone, bones, rubber, plastic, gasket material, container defects, wood and other materials down to 0.8 mm. We document every step of our process to provide manufacturers with complete traceability that helps you pinpoint how and where the contamination occurred. Then we re-palletize and stretch wrap the clean product, and send it safely back for distribution. All of this is done by a trained inspection team using medical-grade inspection machines in a facility that adheres to the strictest safety standards, just like your food manufacturing plant. 

Our services also include contaminant retrieval and disposal. When you choose this service, we will pinpoint the contaminant and then dissect your product, remove the foreign material and send it back to you, along with a comprehensive report of our findings. 

Some of the biggest names in the food and manufacturing industries use our services. In fact, we will inspect more than 100 million pounds of food this year, and return 98% of the product back for distribution. This means that tens of thousands of tons of product were saved, sellable and didn’t end up in a landfill. 

Foreign material contamination doesn’t have to mean waste, loss of profits or damaged brand reputation. FlexXray is your trusted, confidential partner. We’ll take care of your foreign material detection needs, so your business can keep running as usual. when you have a contamination problem, we’ll find it, fast. And your customers won’t lose faith in the safety of their food or the integrity of the company providing it. Got a foreign contamination issue? FlexXray can find it.

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