FlexXray Further Expanding Facilities to Serve Food Companies

Additional investments are underway.

FlexXray®, the leader in food inspection and recovery services for food companies, just added 40% to its footprint in Texas to better serve food company customers across the country.

Given growing demand for its services, FlexXray® took on additional space and will be building out an air conditioned services area and additional office and meeting space for its professional team and its visiting customers.

FlexXray has added project management staff, production staff, and experienced senior management team members over the past twelve months to better serve companies facing food contamination situations and companies just taking the extra step to audit their own internal food safety processes and controls.

Whether your company has a specific foreign material issue (like a physical contamination from rock, stone, glass, metal, plastic, or rubber) or you would like to talk about our on-going audit services for companies wishing to verify their own internal systems and controls, FlexXray can help.

Call FlexXray to hear about physical food contaminant inspection, contaminant removal, x-ray machines and metal detectors for food, and other inspection and recovery services for food companies.

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