FlexXray or the Highway: The Only X-Ray Inspection Service You Need

Let’s say you’ve come across potential foreign material contamination at the plant level. Your options to resolve the issue are internal rework, repurposing your product, or scrapping the product entirely. These options are costly and time-consuming—and internal rework offers no assurance that you’ll find the suspected contamination.

Enter FlexXray, the option you haven’t considered – yet. We’re on a mission to reduce the impact of foreign material contamination on your bottom line, and we use state-of-the-art technology to do it. No matter how many critical control points you have set up, in-line technology doesn’t fully do the job. That’s why we exist, to ensure you have access to the best X-ray inspection services on the market.

  • Inspection: Your in-line technology is designed to detect only certain material at certain sizes, meaning it can still miss foreign material you don’t want contaminating your product. Our X-ray inspection technology provides a high-level penetration power that will give you peace of mind. Where in-line technology offers no flexibility, our X-ray inspection services increase the likelihood of locating and identifying a much wider range of contaminants. 
  • Detection: During operation, there are many foreign material contaminants that can end up in your product that you don’t want – think metal, bone, glass, rubber, plastics and ceramics. Whether they come from your supplier or issues during production, FlexXray can detect their presence and retrieve them, enabling you to take corrective actions. Think of it this way: you name it, FlexXray can find it. 
  • Analysis: Your in-line machines must be able to keep up with your production speeds so you can meet production quotas. This means your machines may not be able to detect foreign material contaminants at sizes that are still unacceptable in your HACCP plan. FlexXray slows down the process, allowing our operators to quickly and easily identify the presence of contaminants. We run multiple lines to X-ray your product quickly so you can maintain production quotas. 
  • Adaptability: In-line technology is commonly called “a better metal detector,” meaning it’s not adept at identifying non-metal foreign material in your product. If you suspect a foreign material is in your product, this likely means you won’t be able to catch it before you ship it to your customer. FlexXray has custom-designed machines built to our specifications for contaminant identification, giving you peace of mind that your product is safe for consumption. 

The bottom line is that FlexXray’s technology is superior to in-line options. It’s more cost-effective, brings a higher return on investment, provides extreme accuracy, consistency, and reliability, and makes for a smoother contaminant retrieval process following identification.

If you have concerns about your in-line technology’s ability to find foreign material, call FlexXray today. We’ll set up a personal tour of our facility for you and your team, showing you how our operation works. If you have product on hold right now, Contact us and we’ll inspect a sample for free, with no obligations.

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