Foreign Material Contamination: Bitter Reality, Sweet Remedy

As summer comes to a close, holidays are beginning to approach. As candy manufacturers, you have strict seasonal production schedules in place to ensure you can meet customer demand. The last thing you want is a delay due to a QA hold for foreign material contamination. Maintaining a quick and efficient supply chain is vital to your bottom line because fulfilled orders lead to satisfied customers, on-time delivery and higher profit margins. 

What is the net effect when you have product on hold due to foreign material contamination? 

  • Your industry is very cyclical, due in large part to seasonal consumption. Missing customer demands can be detrimental to your business—if they can’t buy your product when they want it, they won’t come back later. 
  • Wasting ingredients in an economy where prices are, generally speaking, climbing, is less than ideal. Making the most use out of what you have is imperative. 
  • You care about quality, and you run a tight ship to that end. To let the level of effort you bring to ensuring a top-tier product at every step largely go to waste because of missed foreign material contaminants would be a severe (and avoidable) misstep. 
  • A large portion of your consumers are children, particularly during the holiday seasons. This is an added concern as it relates to foreign material contamination.

FlexXray can help you quickly and efficiently clear product holds. 

FlexXray’s bottom line is to protect yours. Our operations are flexible, customizable and efficient to ensure that your product holds aren’t a hindrance to your operations. We’re here when you need us, and when you think you don’t. 

Do you have product on hold today? FlexXray can help. Send us a sample (for free) and we’ll inspect it right away.