From The Source: FlexXray’s Excellence in Processed Food Inspections

FlexXray provides revolutionary services for food and beverage manufacturers that elevate quality, improve safety and raise the bar for the industry. Processed food manufacturing involves an ever-increasing number of critical control points, from mixing to portioning to packaging. With more points of entry for foreign material contamination, a partnership with FlexXray is an essential component of your HACCP plan to protect your brand and your bottom line.

We’re the leader in the foreign material contamination space because of our commitment to accuracy, efficiency and customer service. Using custom-calibrated x-ray inspection technology and proprietary processes, we are able to find foreign material contaminants like glass, metal, plastic, rubber and more down to 0.8 mm. You don’t have to take our word for it. Below, you’ll find real testimonials from real FlexXray customers in the food and beverage industry. While we’d love to name names, protecting our clients’ anonymity is part of our value as a brand. 

Your team did great. They were professional, cooperative, and adaptive to our changing schedules. We would not hesitate to refer your services to others. And, would certainly use your services again in the future if needed for our processed food product.

– General Manager Processed Food Group

The FlexXray team constantly strives to solve any foreign material contamination issues our customers have. We know how busy you are and how important it is to adapt to the factors that affect your business. You deserve fast service that solves your problem, and we deliver time and time again.

Their strength is on the technical side. FlexXray is able to detect metal at the smallest levels.

– Processed Food Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety

FlexXray’s custom x-ray inspection technology is accurate and reliable. We can find tiny contaminants as small as 0.8 mm in a multitude of products through dense amounts of packaging and massive project sizes. Through it all, we consistently deliver thorough and accurate reports because our customers deserve a partner they can count on.

We appreciate you and your staff working with us last week to help us expedite the process such that product could ship on time under unusual circumstances.

– Quality Assurance Division Manager at Major Processed Food Plant

Our customers have a need for speed, and we are fast. Often our turnaround times are on the same day your product arrives at our facility. Whatever the size of your project is, we have the capacity to fulfill your inspection needs quickly and get it back on the road to distribution or your plant. 

Thanks, your staff as always has been a tremendous help. Pulling out the contaminants has been a great benefit for our operation, saving labor costs and decreasing turnaround time.

– Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Major Processed Food Producer

For a deeper dive into your foreign material contamination problem, FlexXray offers contaminant retrieval. This add-on service provides our customers with the hard evidence they need to aid in traceability at the plant level. We’re not just in business to find foreign material, but to help plants prevent it in the first place.

With the vast array of products in processed foods ranging from frozen food to chips and dip, partnering with the right inspection service is essential. FlexXray inspections are fast and efficient at turning around your project, no matter the size or complexity. In our current climate of supply chain issues, your need to deliver safe product to market has never been greater.  When you have issues with foreign material contamination, the best solution on the market is FlexXray. Call 817-803-2659 to become a partner today.

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