Key Food Safety Facts from Q1 of 2022

Understanding the latest food safety issues is a critical tool to help you evaluate risks to maintain a safe production line. By paying attention to broad industry issues, you can better monitor your process and suppliers so that your end product meets production standards and satisfies consumers. As participants in the larger food manufacturing ecosystem, FlexXray knows the importance of staying in the know better than anyone. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile key food safety facts from Q1.

  • The FDA recalled more than 160,000 pounds of food already on shelves due to foreign material contamination in the first three months of the year. 
  • As of the end of March, producers have lost more than $400,000 in revenue due to foreign material contamination.
  • The average cost of a food recall is $10 million, meaning that in the first quarter alone, companies have incurred hundreds of million dollars in recall costs.  
  • World Food Safety Day is happening on June 7, and this year’s focus is detecting foodborne risks to improve human health. Consumers across the country will be paying attention to which manufacturers are taking action and spreading awareness. 

The use of AI has recently expanded into the food industry and has proven useful for detection, prediction and quality control. But, gathering and refining the data needed to create a viable AI algorithm is time-consuming and costly. Plus, because the tools aren’t fully developed, manufacturers can’t rely on them alone. The reality is that AI can’t find everything. 

Pause for a moment and picture your production line. You have created the best possible food safety management system with key critical control points to catch issues before product leaves your plant. Unfortunately, foreign material contamination could still be missed. So, whether you trust the human eye or AI to scan your product, are you confident that it’s enough?

That’s the FlexXray difference – We detect what both your team and your technology can’t. 

The journey from farm to table has changed dramatically over the last few years, and this trend will continue. Whether we’re talking about grocery delivery, meal kit services, or takeout options such as Grub Hub or Door Dash, the health risks and demand for increased safety precautions have never been more prevalent. 

To account for these changes, the FDA has announced plans to host a new food business model summit in the future. Additionally, they plan to refine traditional food safety practices to ensure that consumers’ needs are met. This will include careful inspection of facility and equipment design and potential implementation of brand new tools for manufacturers. Pay close attention because key industry players will decide the best food safety precautions moving forward. Make sure to align yourself with the FDA now and ensure your policies and practices remain in the best interest of the end consumer. 

Food safety facts speak for themselves, and there’s always something new to keep an eye on. With FlexXray, one thing you’ll never have to worry about is foreign material contamination. Our custom process ensures that you receive the best inspection and recovery services out there. Not only will we address any active concerns, but also provide you with the knowledge and resources to take preventative measures now, reducing costly setbacks in the future. Call or email us today!

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