Metal detection services can play a key role in protecting your food. The risk of contamination increases with each step in the production process, presenting an opportunity for contamination either through human or mechanical error.

Food producers are increasingly dependent upon metal detection in food to prevent the distribution of food that’s contaminated with metal fragments — food that would otherwise slip through your production line.

FlexXray’s metal detector rentals can help keep your product — and your customers — safe.

What type of metal detector rentals are available? 

FlexXray has a wide range of metal detector sizes available to suit your short- or long-term metal detector requirements. These include:

  • Ultra-sensitive conveyor metal detectors 
  • Larger case systems
  • Bulk gravity detectors

Each system is calibrated for maximum performance and comes with certified test pieces (FE., NFE., S.S.(316)). Our systems are available to rent on a monthly basis. 

metal detection food industry

How do metal detectors work in the food industry?

Metal is one of the most common sources of physical contaminants in the food industry, and it can get into the product at any stage of the production cycle, including:

  • In the field
  • During processing
  • During packaging 

Metal detectors depend upon signal interferences to find metal fragments. While metal detectors are particularly effective when used on a dry, non-conductive product such as ingredients, pasta, or bread, they’re also good for inspecting frozen product and heavily processed foods.

When a particle of metal passes through the metal detector, it disturbs the high-frequency field and the machine alerts users to the problem.  

metal detector scans processed foods

How effective are metal detection services in the food industry?

The effectiveness of a metal detector is determined by a few factors: 

  • The size and type of metal
  • The size of the aperture
  • The product being inspected
  • The product packaging

At FlexXray, we are is experts in applying foreign material detection technology to a wide variety of applications. We’ll take the guesswork out of selecting the ideal system for your application.

 Before any equipment is shipped, we optimize the frequency and phase point to be able to detect the smallest possible metal contaminants. This allows for maximum performance and a “turn-key” solution upon arriving at your facility. 

metal detection machine

When does it make sense to use a metal detector for food inspection?

While X-ray inspection is used to find all types of foreign contaminants, metal detection services are ideal in situations when you are looking specifically for metal fragments.

Situations where a metal detector is a good fit include:

  • Early in the process, before dry ingredients are blended
  • At the end of the process when multiple ingredients are used
  • When glass or plastic packaging is used
  • When your only contamination concern is metal

When you need to inspect your food on-site, a portable metal detector could be your answer. While FlexXray performs all types of inspections in our facility, a metal detection machine rental might be better for you when:

  • You have a low-cost and lightweight product to inspect
  • Your product is highly regulated and can’t be sent off-site for inspection
  • Due to distance, the cost of transporting your product to FlexXray is prohibitive
  • You have available manpower and time to operate a metal detection machine on-site

If you’re considering metal detection rentals, let us help you! We can review your individual situation and requirements, and help you find the best solution for your needs. Call us today at 817-453-3539 or fill out the form on this page to learn more.