The FlexXray Way: Service, Not Sales

At FlexXray, one of the most common questions we receive is this: 

The answer is simple: no, we don’t.

What FlexXray sells is more valuable than another capital expenditure for your balance sheet. We sell a service—a solution, really—to the problem of product on hold due to foreign material contamination. Our combination of customized equipment and a highly skilled labor force allows us to inspect product at-scale so you don’t have to.

We use specialized technology calibrated for the service we provide. It isn’t built to match production speeds; rather, it’s built for detailed examination of product on hold for foreign material contamination. Could you find equipment like it on the market? Maybe. But, if your goal is to keep foreign material contamination rare, then logic follows that any equipment you purchase would gather dust when not in use. 

Your labor force is trained to do one job really well: produce food. Our labor force is also trained to one job really well: use our equipment to inspect food that’s already been produced and make sure you’re not sending metal wire, pieces of contherm blade, shards of bottles, rubber o-rings or other contaminants to market. Don’t waste time and money asking your workforce to solve a problem that only occurs once-in-awhile. FlexXray is always available to do the job. 

Our inspection and retrieval services are designed to handle product at-scale – really, we can examine a truckload of product in as few as 4 hours – because we have dozens of inspection lines operating 24/7. Individually, each machine examines product slowly in comparison to standard production speeds. Working in tandem, they match standard production speeds and help ensure you see results quickly.

Selling you an X-ray machine would be a great disservice on our part. When you suspect foreign material contamination, get product out of your hands and into ours. We know that one blog post won’t stop people from asking us if they can buy our machines, but the answer remains as value-driven as ever before—please don’t waste your money. We’re here to provide a solution for foreign material contamination when you need it and only when you need it.

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