Why Use Contaminant Retrieval?

If you’ve been alerted to the existence of foreign material contamination via abnormal reject rate, internal processes, or (hopefully not) consumer complaints, anxiety sets in—you know that you have a problem, and need critical information to fix it. When you’re addressing foreign material contamination, there’s a key distinction to be made between knowing that you have a contamination problem and understanding your contamination problem. 

During operation, there are many foreign material contaminants that can end up in your product that you don’t want—such as metal, bone, glass, rubber, plastics, ceramics and more. Whether they come from your supplier or issues during production, FlexXray can help detect their presence and retrieve them, enabling you to take corrective actions.

Once you are informed of a possible issue, you need to determine what the contaminant is and where it came from. Your best chance at determining the answer to that question relies upon contaminant removal. ​​By removing contaminants from inspected product, we’re able to provide comprehensive reports to our customers that aid in taking corrective actions at the plant level.

After we receive and inspect your product by hand, our team can retrieve all identified contaminants. Each contaminant retrieved from your product is individually measured and documented, with information about batch, lot, pallet, time and temperature. From there, our team delivers the complete report to your team for review so that you can identify the problem area and take corrective actions as needed.

While we don’t require this service, we highly recommend contaminant removal for every inspection job we perform. Time and time again, this service has proven invaluable to our customers in improving food safety and operational processes. It might mean less work for FlexXray in the future, but ultimately, it makes food safer—which is our entire mission. 

FlexXray is here to support you in your pursuit of better, safer, more profitable product, and our contaminant retrieval service can be a valuable addition to your next FlexXray inspection job. To learn more about how contaminant retrieval can work for you, contact our team today.

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