FlexXray is a game-changing x-ray inspection service provider that saves our customers time, money, and headaches. Our thorough reporting backs our history of successful QA hold resolution. Still, nothing compares to the testimonials we receive from customers in the dairy industry about how FlexXray saved the day.


FlexXray is the expert team you need for all of your foreign material contamination issues. Our reports are detailed and provide our customers with information that aids in traceability at their plant. When you use FlexXray, you can rely on us for fast inspection, thorough findings, and quality service.


Our mission at FlexXray is to achieve highly accurate results paired with professional customer service. The technicians working on your product specialize in ensuring it is quickly inspected and that foreign materials are found in the contaminated product.  


By partnering with FlexXray, you know that your food safety plan is more than just a defense plan. It is a relief knowing that your product is going to consumers fully inspected and free of foreign material contamination. 

There’s a reason why FlexXray is the leading provider of x-ray inspection services to major national dairy producers. We can save you potential lost profits, labor hours, and return salvageable product. In 2020 alone, we returned millions of pounds of salvageable product to customers and saved them countless dollars. Partnering with FlexXray is the best thing you can do for your product. Call 817-803-2659 to get started.