Eliminating Foreign Material Contamination in Raw Ingredients

Even the best producers of raw ingredients are not immune to foreign material contamination. No matter how stringent the internal safety standards are or rigorous the Even the best producers of raw ingredients are not immune to foreign material contamination. No matter how stringent the internal safety standards are or rigorous the HACCP plan is, the most reputable facilities still miss foreign material contaminants sometimes. Contaminants can damage relationships for raw ingredient producers with both consumers and food production customers. With consumers, this can result in costly recalls or lawsuits. With customers, this can result in the loss of business. In any case, accurate and affordable foreign material QA hold resolution services are vital to protecting your reputation and profits. The top names in the raw ingredient industry use FlexXray to inspect their product, and clear foreign material holds.


FlexXray Understands Raw Materials

FlexXray accurately inspects all kinds of raw materials, like bulk protein powders, flour, sugar, grains, oats, fillers, additives, and flavorings. Many of these raw ingredients come to facilities with foreign material contamination from the field, such as stones or metal. As these ingredients move through processing, they can be sliced, diced, chopped, ground, or put through various other manufacturing processes. Each of these critical paths creates more opportunities for foreign material contamination. Contaminants like plastic, metal, and glass end up in raw ingredients during processing because machinery and tools, no matter how well-maintained, break down and leave components in the product.

In raw ingredients, the speed and volume of production combine to create a higher degree of difficulty for on-site teams to understand where contamination may have occurred. High production speeds can result in a large amount of bracketed product. If that product makes it to packaging before the problem is identified, manufacturers often don’t have the capacity, time, or capability to self-inspect the contaminated product. That’s where FlexXray steps in to save the day.

FlexXray Benefits Your Bottom Line

FlexXray’s solution to foreign material contamination goes beyond sifters and metal detectors. Our proprietary, medical-grade x-ray inspection technology and custom processes can find contaminants as small as 0.2mm. We can quickly, precisely, and thoroughly inspect any amount of product, resulting in a detailed inspection report of any findings with specific pallet numbers, lot numbers, and other vital information to inform customers what was contaminated. We also offer our additional Contaminant Retrieval service to provide your team with even greater detail that aids in traceability at your plant.

Upon completion of our inspection of your raw ingredients, we return product that can be salvaged and safely sold to consumers and customers. With demands on the supply chain at a historic peak, we offer our QA hold resolution service to prevent foreign material from impacting your ability to hit quotas and meet your bottom line. We can help you save your product and profits, and remove the stresses and headaches that result from missing foreign material contamination.


FlexXray Helps You Succeed

At FlexXray, we know exactly what our customers need: fast inspections, superior quality, and incredible customer service. We have more than 1,100 customers that have experienced FlexXray’s value for themselves, many in the raw ingredient sector. We are the most trusted x-ray inspection service in North America. Your products are safe with us, and we’re ready to help you solve your foreign material contamination problems. Start clearing your foreign material QA holds today by calling 817-803-2659.

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