FlexXray Expanding Food Inspection and Recovery Capacity

FlexXray®, the leader in food inspection and recovery services for food companies, recently completed a facility capacity expansion to better serve food company customers.

With this recent investment, FlexXray has almost 100% more inspection capacity for finding foreign material in food products for food manufacturers and now FlexXray® can turn food inspection projects faster than ever before.

For over fifteen years, FlexXray® has provided professional inspection services to food companies from coast to coast.  From frozen proteins to fresh vegetables to canned and glass goods to cereals and snack foods, FlexXray® helps all food companies when the inevitable foreign material contamination happens.

When food companies have a foreign material or physical contaminant that gets into the food during the production process, they turn to FlexXray to quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively identify the physical contaminant, determine which packages or lots are effected, and remove the contaminant.

FlexXray makes the process quick and easy, enhances food safety, and saves food companies money.  Why dispose of an entire lot or production shift of product when most of it is probably appropriate for distribution in the supply chain?

Call FlexXray to help with any contaminant detection, inspection, or recovery project.  FlexXray will use advanced food x-ray machines or metal detectors to find foreign contaminants, recover your product, and help you make well informed decisions about how to proceed.