FlexXray Invests to Expand Food Inspection Services

FlexXray, the industry leader in food inspection services, continues to invest in enhancing its offerings to US and global food companies.

FlexXray Expanding Inspection Capacity

FlexXray purchased three additional inspection lines early this summer and has been training additional staff to serve existing and new customers.  FlexXray’s focus on service quality shows in all it does from communication to documentation to turn-around-times.  The additional inspection lines will help FlexXray handle growing demand for its professional food inspection services.

Additional Food Inspection Services Driving Growing Demand

With its efforts to make continuous quality improvement, FlexXray recently introduced three new services to help customers inspect and recover food products more efficiently and effectively.  In addition to its core service offerings of x-ray food inspection, check weighing, dud detection, and re-packing, FlexXray now offers HACCP process auditing/validation services, food contaminant removal, and documented food disposal.

Kevin Fritzmeyer, CEO of FlexXray, explained, “Food companies are becoming more sophisticated and continually driving process improvements.  To ensure food safety and to comply with new federal regulations, more and more of our customers are conducting on-going HACCP process validation with FlexXray’s help. We develop a random sampling process and customers send food product to FlexXray for periodic inspection to ensure their internal systems are working.  When we find contaminants, we help the customer determine how to proceed to improve quality.”

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