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Foreign Material Contamination

Foreign material contamination is a practically inescapable obstacle for manufacturers and processing facilities, especially in the food and beverage industry. Any situation where an object unintentionally enters a product before or during the production process, food foreign contamination, can harm both the consumer and the company. As technology advances in processing, more significant opportunities arise for food foreign contamination to occur from automated machinery. Learn why this issue occurs and how to combat it.

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Why Outside Inspection

The most thorough plans, protocols and procedures are not enough to eliminate the risk of foreign material contamination. Manufacturers are often faced with dismal, costly options to deal with on-hold product. FlexXray’s third-party inspection solves this problem, providing the best, most accurate and cost-effective product hold resolution. With technology designed to find what inline equipment can’t, it’s no wonder that the largest companies across the food, beverage, personal care and industrial chemicals industries choose FlexXray.

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The FlexXray Process

At FlexXray, we offer the most cost-efficient solution to resolve your on-hold product: third-party x-ray food inspection. Our x-ray inspection system detects food foreign contamination down to 0.8 mm and smaller. In four simple steps, we’ll help you salvage, on average, more than 98% of your product and profits so you can feel confident to send your safe product on to its next destination. See why more than 1,100 satisfied customers keep coming back.

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Contaminant Retrieval

So, you’ve gone through the FlexXray food x-ray inspection process and gotten data around food foreign contamination in your product. What happens next? FlexXray offers customers three potential next steps for taking action on the contaminated product: returning it to the client for further inspection, disposing of the contaminated product or allowing FlexXray to physically dissect and remove contaminants from the product. Food foreign contamination is increasing—don’t suffer the costs of food waste or worse, a costly recall or lawsuit.

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