Introducing the FlexXray Advisory Council

We’ve been in the business of helping food producers make their products safe for more than 20 years. While we’ve learned a thing or two (or a hundred) along the way, it’s vital that we know what food producers need so we can maintain and improve our ability and offerings to meet those needs. Their real-world business needs paired with our ability to adapt to the changing environments of the industries we serve give us an edge as the leading X-ray food inspection company in the United States. 

Our bottom line has always been to protect yours, and we want to take advantage of every learning opportunity we can to ensure we remain the preferred X-ray food inspection and flexible food safety solutions partner industry-wide. With that in mind, we recently formed an advisory council of high-authority individuals who operate in the food manufacturing industry. 

Each member of the FlexXray Advisory Council represents a different area within the industry, employees of various manufacturers and retailers of food and beverage products—from Fortune 100 companies to family-owned businesses. Simply put, this council exists to help us serve you better. They trust each other’s authority and expertise, as does FlexXray, meaning you can trust that with this group at our right hand, we’re bound to get better every day. 

We’ve already started having some of these conversations, and we want you to have a high-level look at some of the questions we’re asking ourselves: 

  • What constraints and issues do food producers face when it comes to third-party inspection? 
  • How can producers proactively prepare for potential product holds?
  • What sustainability goals are currently in place and actively affecting producers, and how can we be a part of the solution?  
  • Where can we make logistical adjustments to maximize efficiency and minimize costs to producers? 

FlexXray can’t be everything to everyone, but as much as we’re able, we want to be your best partner for resolving issues with foreign material contamination, problems that need flexible solutions and holds that keep your product from reaching your customers. What we offer cannot be replicated; our process, training and technology set us apart. If you have questions to add to the above list, or you’d like to give FlexXray a try, contact our team today. As we continue to move forward with this Advisory Council, we’ll provide periodic updates to make sure you remain informed.

When you don’t know what to do, FlexXray does—and if not, we’ll figure it out together.