X-ray Rental Systems for Your Plant

Want to inspect your product directly at your plant? FlexXray offers weekly and monthly rentals of our advanced X-ray inspection systems delivered to your facility. A trained technician can help you set up the X-ray equipment and train your staff on how to safely run the inspection.

Prior to the product inspection, FlexXray’s X-ray inspection experts work closely with you to develop an effective inspection protocol that is specifically designed to meet all of your requirements. Our experienced technicians will transport and set up the X-ray rental equipment to the location of your choice. We provide on-site training and supervision to get you up and running quickly.

About FlexXray’s X-ray Inspection Equipment

FlexXray’s state-of-the-art X-ray rental equipment is fast, safe and easy to set up and operate. Our equipment is designed to detect a wide variety of contaminants, including metal, bone, glass, stone, rubber, plastic, defects, product clumps and more down to 0.8mm or smaller.

X-ray inspection equipment features include:

  • Built-in conveyors
  • Ability to handle virtually all types of packaging
  • High-resolution, real-time imaging
  • Ability to inspect bulk quantities quickly
  • No calibration required

Want to learn more about FlexXray’s X-ray food inspection rental equipment? Call us today at 817-453-3539 or fill out the form on this page.