Kyle_Luker-2Introducing our VP of Operations, Kye Luker! With 18 years of experience in food manufacturing, he’s worked for large companies such as Dannon, MillerCoors and Schreiber Foods holding positions in Quality, Formulations, Operations, Fermentation and Aging, Processing and Packaging. His focus is leveraging operational capacity to help customers recover from foreign material incidents as quickly as possible. He fosters a nimble approach to managing virtually every aspect of FlexXray’s operational network and seeks to take advantage of every opportunity to help serve a potential customer. He maintains a firm grasp of quality and safety for customers and employees, understanding that millions of consumers are counting on safe products when they prepare a meal for themselves and their families every day. His favorite thing about working at FlexXray is the actual service it provides: safety. He strives to execute each project knowing that friends, neighbors or family members will consume safer products because of what FlexXray does. Outside of work, Kye enjoys playing the part of cheerleader, driver and spectator for his kids, playing music with friends, golfing and going fishing.