Stop Playing Defense with Foreign Material Holds and Start Playing Offense with FlexXray

With football season right around the corner, now is an excellent time to think about your “x’s and o’s.” Do you have a game plan for your business that’s ready to block risk and protect profits, or are you playing defense trying to fix problems when they arise? If your strategy is to “read and react” – to wait until a foreign material contamination issue develops – that’s only hurting your business and isn’t the best play to have in your playbook. 

FlexXray has the solution you need. We are the industry-leading third-party x-ray inspection service that blocks brand damage and helps your bottom line. Our innovative technology and superior processes take your game to the next level and find foreign contaminants before they hit the store shelves or end up in your distribution network.

At our core, we believe in constantly evolving and improving our state-of-the-art technology, our location offerings, as well as our HACCP-based processes to align seamlessly with the most robust quality assurance programs in North America. We’re running plays that no one else in the game is running. Our investment into technology and more facilities closer to major manufacturing hubs result in three things: supreme accuracy, the fastest turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. By partnering with us, you know that your food safety plan is more than just a defense plan.

Having cutting-edge technology is vital, but adding superior processes makes us unstoppable. Everyone watches game film, and we watch more film than anyone. The ability to translate the data you need into personalized reports that provide answers to help you with your final product disposition is our specialty. Our detailed reporting process records more than pass/fail. We record all relevant traceability information, including product description, pallet number, batch/lot number, bag/container time, contaminant type, and size down to the hundredths of millimeters. Our customers are given these reports to know exactly what they’re dealing with, and it provides valuable insights about the problem in their manufacturing process or plant. 

Foreign material contamination is always a looming threat for producers and manufacturers across multiple industries. When you partner with us, we help you achieve the #1 ranking regarding your brand’s reputation. Your customers can rest and rely on you for putting out quality, well-inspected product. The best defense for your brand’s reputation is putting FlexXray on your offense. Call us at 817-803-2659.

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