Creating a Lasting Partnership

Over our history, we’ve worked on thousands of projects and saved millions of pounds of food and billions of dollars for the food industry—but as good as those numbers sound, they’re no substitute for proving our work. We’re bound by confidentiality, but in as much detail as we can provide, here is one example of how FlexXray has brought value to producers like you.

Our customer produced black and white extruded rods at their facility. To see imperfections (in this case, the powdered form of fiberglass), they would hold the white rods to a bright light; however, that same process did not work for the black rods.

These rods were a new product for our customer; if they weren’t able to properly inspect them on a routine basis, they weren’t going to continue making the product. Their hope was that FlexXray’s process would help detect imperfections for them.

FlexXray’s X-ray technology and quick turnaround time for inspection (less than a week) appealed to the customer, and they decided to see if our process would work for this particular product. Due to the nature of the product, our technology wasn’t able to detect the powdered glass foreign material with 100% accuracy; however, we’ve since built a relationship with this customer and are their go-to for quality assurance needs

When foreign material contamination and other quality concerns come your way, we want you to know that you can count on FlexXray to help. Click here to contact our team!