VIDEO: FlexXray’s Value- ROI

At FlexXray, we understand that time is money. We have created our services to get your product off foreign material contamination holds, ultimately saving you money. We have the capacity and equipment to inspect your product quickly so you can send it to store shelves. In 2020 alone, we salvaged 96% of the product we inspected for our customers. Learn more about FlexXray’s ROI in the video.


Why should we have FlexXray inspect this product instead of inspecting it internally? 

“Sure, you absolutely could do that, but do you guys have enough staff to actually go ahead and re-work this product internally? Or do you even have the time to do so and the day it will cost of the loss of production? That’s what your return on investment is going to be if you move forward with FlexXray’s service. Cause we’re going to be able to save you that time and that money that’s going to come about of you guys having to re-work it in-house, and also wipe that headache from the back of your mind and know that your product is secure.”

How does FlexXray inspection make financial sense for us? 

“FlexXray is going to be more cost-efficient than your other three options. And those options are going to be to either risk it, your product, and ship it out on the road, you’re going to have to inspect it internally yourself and re-work that product, or throw that product away and it would be a complete loss. FlexXray is going to be a fraction of the cost of those other three options. If you’re worried about your return on investment, FlexXray is the best option for you.”

Save product and profits with FlexXray.

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