Sending Contaminants Down the Tube

Over our history, we’ve worked on thousands of projects and saved millions of pounds of food and billions of dollars for the food industry—but as good as those numbers sound, they’re no substitute for proving our work. We’re bound by confidentiality, but in as much detail as we can provide, here is one example of how FlexXray has brought value to producers like you.

A beverage manufacturer, referred to by FlexXray as “Producer X,” finished a production run of 12-ounce soda cans. General maintenance on their filler equipment then revealed that a filler valve vent tube was missing.

Producer X knows that the missing metal vent tube is inside of a filled and capped can. Now, they have to place 50,000 cases of 12-packs on hold because one of them holds the can that contains the contaminant. With no X-ray machine on their production line, Producer X had to choose between pulling apart each case and manually checking the cans to find the vent tube or utilizing FlexXray’s inspection services.

FlexXray took Producer X’s product off their hands, inspected it and quickly found the vent tube, salvaging 49,999 out of 50,000 cases.

When foreign material contamination and other quality concerns come your way, we want you to know that you can count on FlexXray to help. Click here to contact our team!