Sealing the Quality of Your Canned Product

Manufacturers of canned and bottled goods know that quality assurance is nuanced. You must focus not only on the quality of your product itself but also on the safety of its container. Issues like improper vacuum seals, failed enclosures and swells are bound to arise. Quality assurance managers are aware of that reality and bear the responsibility of ensuring that every case of product is safe for market regardless.

Enter: third-party inspection services.
What makes third-party inspection a stronger alternative?

It saves you time.

Whether you need to rework product using dud detection technology or visually inspect it, most manufacturers don’t have the equipment or resources to do so in a timely manner—in fact, you may have to unpackage product to rework it, which can add significant time to a project. Third-party inspection is specifically tooled and equipped to rework product quickly and efficiently.

It saves you money.

The costs of reworking product internally—especially when you’re talking about checking seals on canned goods—are nearly always significantly higher than the cost of external, third-party inspection, particularly when you think about the cost of labor and material required to open the packaging and repackage after inspection. In short, because we can inspect product in-packaging, it costs you less money. 

It saves you product.

External inspection companies focus on preserving and clearing as much of your safe product as possible. This process helps bring value back to your sunk costs, protecting your margins and your bottom line.

Can and jar dud detection services can quickly and accurately find problems undetectable by the human eye alone. Partnering with an experienced external inspection team can help you operate with confidence in the safety of your product.

Bottom line: our inspection services provide better cost savings for your brand. Do you have product on hold today? FlexXray can help. Send us a sample (for free) and we’ll inspect it right away.