FlexXray is the most capable and trusted x-ray food inspection service in the industry. Our customers are groundbreakers, industry leaders, and top producers across their respective markets. They trust us because our services and dedication to customer satisfaction go above and beyond expectations. We are experts in resolving QA product holds due to foreign material contamination, and our customers know we adhere to strict confidentiality to protect their brands. And we are committed to salvaging customer products and finding foreign material contaminants that typical in-line quality assurance processes miss. When you know something is wrong or you’re looking for an extra step in your HACCP process, FlexXray is the valued partner you can rely on.

Unmatched Process & Technology

FlexXray offers the most accurate and comprehensive foreign material contamination inspection in the industry. We use custom-aligned processes in combination with proprietary optimized x-ray technology to provide thorough inspections for customer product. There is no other inspection provider in the nation with a more rigorous process or powerful technology than FlexXray. We utilize custom-configured technology and our highly trained team to inspect product and find contaminants as small as 0.8 mm. We care about your success and salvaging good, sellable product from ending up in waste landfills.

Our Customers are Food Production Leaders

Our customer base spreads far and wide across the food production industry. They are some of the largest producers in the world, but they all have one thing in common, they use FlexXray as an added line of defense for the quality of their product. We are their competitive advantage that keeps what they produce safer. FlexXray understands the demands food producers face and the problems that lead to foreign material contamination. Because of our experience, we are uniquely capable of resolving product holds more effectively, faster and confidentially.

Capacity & Quick Turnaround Time

The bigger the project, the better. Seventy truckloads of frozen chicken nuggets? We can handle that. One hundred ten trucks of baked beans? You got it. These projects are regular occurrences at FlexXray’s four plants. No matter what size your project, whether it’s raw, packaged or processed if it needs temperature control, FlexXray can do it all.

Not all of our jobs are multiple truckloads sized. We take on projects as small as one pallet. No matter what the size is, losing your valuable product to foreign material contamination can be a big hit on your bottom line. FlexXray is the expert team you need to find foreign material contamination, salvage sellable product and get it back on its way to distribution. Using FlexXray helps you avoid customer complaints, lawsuits, and recalls and aids in keeping your brand’s reputation from being tarnished.

FlexXray is the industry leader you need on your side. We are the dream team you can count on for all of your product hold resolution and foreign material contamination inspection needs. From the world’s largest food producers to niche market customers, our clients trust us to inspect their product and ensure that what goes to distribution is free of foreign materials. FlexXray possesses the most accurate inspection process and the capacity to handle your product hold resolution needs. Find out today how we can benefit your plant, take the stress off your shoulders and resolve on-hold product before the end of 2021. Call us today to get started at 817-803-2659.