Foreign Material Contamination Hall of Fame: Processed Food

Welcome to the wonderful world of FlexXray! Where we house the exciting and surprising Foreign Material Hall of Fame. Our latest exhibit is as shocking as it is fascinating: The Processed Food Wing. Don’t be fooled; contaminants like these are found in processed foods every single day at FlexXray. Due to our innovative processes and cutting-edge X-ray machinery, we’re able to find contaminants as small as 0.8 mm. Producers can now have complete confidence that their product is free of foreign materials because they use FlexXray.


Taco About A Catch!

Location: Texas, USA

This client is one of the largest prepared foods producers in the nation. They prepare ready-made meals for countless consumers. Imagine biting into a delicious taco just to feel metal and bone crunch against your teeth. Ouch! Without FlexXray, that would have happened to one of their customers. We found a round piece of metal 11mm x 11mm and a 3mm piece of metal in their taco product. The results allowed our client to see where the round metal and bone contaminants came from and fix the issue to prevent further incidents. Clients rely on us because having a third-party inspector provides unbiased findings that they can trust.

$ Saved:$65,000


We’re Not Screwing Around

Location: Oklahoma, USA

Our next sample in the Hall of Fame features a customer that is an industry-leading producer of frozen foods. They supply frozen meals to grocery stores all over the country. This customer depends on FlexXray to find foreign material contaminants, and we did not let them down. In one batch, we found five pieces of metal, including an 18mm screw. Our detailed report displayed a clear picture of the contaminant. By partnering with FlexXray, they can identify what went wrong and implement a solution. FlexXray keeps customers from encountering irreparable damage to their reputation due to contaminated product.

$ Saved:$119,000


FlexXray Rocks Your World

Location: Illinois, USA

Sometimes the best-processed foods are delicious mini muffins or breakfast bars. In this case, our client’s product was a little rocky. No, seriously, we found 350 pebbles in breakfast products for this client. Can you imagine getting 350 complaints from your consumers about rocks in their breakfast? Not only would this be outrageous, but your brand may also have a hard time recovering from public perception damage, especially if any of these customers took their grievances to the media. Luckily, FlexXray was there to help. Our state-of-the-art machines find foreign material contaminants that inline machinery often misses.

$ Saved:$82,500


Don’t Slack When It Comes To The ‘Mac

Location: Louisiana, USA

Have you ever seen a 47mm piece of unknown material in macaroni and cheese? We have! Our customer supplies mac-n-cheese to a major fast-food chain, and we found an unknown foreign contaminant and six other pieces of metal! While these findings may shock you, this is an everyday occurrence for us at FlexXray. We find the contaminants your typical machines aren’t calibrated for and help your bottom line.

$ Saved: $320,000

In 2020 alone, FlexXray returned 96% of product back to our customers with customer foreign material contamination inspection. The numbers don’t lie. Just in the examples above, we saved our customers a total of $586,000. In fact, most of our customers have seen such drastic results that they made us a standard part of their HACCP plans. Third-party inspection is essential to providing your consumers with high-quality product, and FlexXray is the industry leader in x-ray food inspection. It’s time you put us on your team. Learn more at

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