Make Foreign Material Contaminants Disappear With A Trace

For food producers, maintaining control of materials from start to finish is paramount to product safety. Your chain of custody is like evidence in a trial: you must be able to prove that materials were accounted for at all times, never tampered with—beginning with raw materials and ending when your packaged product reaches consumers. 

What happens to your chain of custody when you encounter a foreign material contamination problem? The answer depends on how you choose to resolve your product hold. If you opt for disposal, your chain of custody (effectively) ends. If you opt for internal rework, you maintain your existing chain of custody. What if you opt for third-party inspection? You need a partner that has the same systems and protocols as you have in your own plant.  

We understand how protective you are of your product. Its safety is essential to your bottom line. Certain fears arise when selecting a third-party inspection service, and you may find yourself uneasy about releasing your product into someone else’s hands. After all, your chain of custody is only as strong as its weakest link. Our promise? That “weakest link” will not be FlexXray. Here’s what we do to keep that promise: 

  • Provide the specific pallet, batch and lot numbers in which contaminants are found
  • Offer in-depth reporting within 24 hours of inspection, including machine time and opening and closing delta temperatures
  • Pinpoint and remove contaminants at your request
  • Create a comprehensive catalog of contaminants including physical samples, sent to you within 48 hours of inspection

No matter what your need(s) may be, FlexXray’s inspection and retrieval process can be the necessary corrective action within your HACCP plan. We’ll maintain product traceability from the moment your product arrives to our facility until the moment it leaves—plus, we’ll provide reporting and evidence of foreign material contaminants to help you take additional corrective actions at plant-level, too.  

If you have product on hold right now, contact us and we’ll inspect a sample for free, with no obligations. 

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