When taking the first step to partner with a trusted third-party foreign material hold resolution service, hearing from satisfied customers makes a difference. We always keep our customers’ information confidential, as we are proud to work with some of the largest names in food and beverage manufacturing. However, we can share FlexXray’s glowing reviews anonymously. Learn how much time and money we save our customers straight from the source:

High-Value Products Come With High-Value Issues


The poultry industry produces valuable food vital for consumers all over the world. We understand how expensive losing product can be. Product holds due to foreign material contaminants can cost more than lost profits. They cost money in overhead and man-hours needed to inspect and correct a potential contaminant issue. FlexXray takes this weight off of your shoulders. We salvaged 96% of product for customers last year, reducing their food waste and saving their bottom line.

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Poultry Producers Deserve FlexXray


FlexXray is the leading foreign material resolution service dedicated to serving the food and beverage industry, including our valued poultry partners. The top poultry producers across the nation use FlexXray as an essential step in their quality control process because we find foreign material contamination better than anyone else. Whatever poultry product you can think of, chances are we’ve inspected it. FlexXray goes the extra mile for your customers and ensures your brand’s integrity won’t be diminished due to foreign material contamination. We find things like bone, metal and rubber that are common components of poultry processing equipment.

Keeping Perishable Goods Safe


We understand the delicate needs poultry producers have when it comes to product inspection. We are fast and detailed, often running product through our inspection process in as little as 4 hours. Our experts are highly trained, and our machinery can find contaminants as small as 0.8 mm. These tiny particles can be isolated and extracted from your product to ensure your poultry items are of the highest quality when they reach the store shelves.

FlexXray can inspect your product fast and save you money because you no longer have to throw away entire batches of product or face costly internal rework situations due to potential contamination. FlexXray is the partner you want on your team because we can ensure your success. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 817-803-2659 and schedule a free sample test.